Holiday and Patio Decorations LED Rope Lights

Product Specification: • Lead cable: 24 in (60.96cm) • Bulb spacing: 1 in (2.54cm) • Light Color: Cool white • Clear PVC tube and led bulbs • Waterproof Rating: IP 65 • Replaceable fuse plug • Mounting hardware included • Electrical rating: 220V • Quick and easy end connectors Please read the...

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Product Specification: 
 • Lead cable: 24 in (60.96cm) 
 • Bulb spacing: 1 in (2.54cm)  
 • Light Color: Cool white  
 • Clear PVC tube and led bulbs 
 • Waterproof Rating: IP 65 
 • Replaceable fuse plug  
 • Mounting hardware included  
 • Electrical rating: 220V
 • Quick and easy end connectors 



Please read the following instructions carefully before use

1, please check before using LED rainbow tube voltage is the voltage you need, all the voltage is usually: 220V, 110V, 24V, 12V. Then please expand the whole circle of light belt, power 3 to 5 minutes to see if there are quality problems.

2, LED rainbow tube only with a converter (rectifier bridge) power cord is used.

3, LED rainbow tube LED bulbs have positive and negative, the installation should pay attention to the distinction between lamp polarity, if the polarity of the lamp does not correspond to the polarity of the lamp body, the lamp body can not be lit, please change the direction Try again.

4, Do not use a hammer or any metal tool to beat or attack the rainbow tube, or strong stretch, excessive bending, as this may cause a light does not light, or even the entire burn.

5, when the construction before, especially in winter, the first rainbow tube lit a few minutes, the lamp with heat after construction.

6, LED rainbow tube for the cut, press the rainbow tube per meter unit of the print logo cut (scissors in the printed place where the cut) Otherwise it will cause a non-light

7, if the rainbow tube installed outdoors, the front connector, the middle connector and the tail plug, be sure to paint the glass of plastic waterproof, so as to avoid short-circuit caused by heavy rain.

8, when the LED rainbow tube lit, the resistance will be fever, the top 10 million must not be closely covered objects, so as to avoid the heat can not be scattered out of the rainbow tube melting burned

9, LED rainbow tube can not be installed in the pool (unless otherwise specified). ets