Why are LED copper string lights so popular

- Apr 04, 2018-

Why are LED copper string lights so popular? Here are some simple knowledge of LED string lamp: 

Mainly used for holiday decorations and Christmas decorations, it is waterproof and can be placed directly in water. The lamp wire is flexible, flexible and free to bend. The main features of the product are: waterproof, environmental protection, temperature at the end, low voltage at the end of the power consumption, long life, wide application range.

Lamp color: red, yellow, green, blue, white, warm white, purple, pink, RGB and colorful, and colorful lights have a constant light, flicker change, wave shape change, continuous change, flash change, slow Flash changes, water changes, gradually darkening changes, dream colorful and other changes, very beautiful.

LED string thread body color: silver thread, brass thread, black thread, blue thread, green thread

LED string shape: grain shape and bead shape

In addition, the line spacing of led lights can be customized according to customer requirements, the conventional line spacing: 3cm.5cm.6cm.10cm.15cm.20cm.30cm and other conventional lamp distance

And the LED light string installation is simple and easy to use, just plug in the power supply to wrap the light around where you want it, put the shape you want to put on, and then pull it on to the power supply. The light string will immediately light up and beautify the light you want. The effect can be waterproof, low energy consumption, green and non-polluting and practical, easy indoor and outdoor, no heat, no soup, hands can be touched arbitrarily, safe and reliable, high flexibility, convenient and simple operation, It is easy to take care of the elderly and children. The humanized design of the product saves you the trouble of installation and use.