What kind of shape can the led modeling lamp be?

- Aug 27, 2018-

What kind of shape can the led modeling lamp be?

In addition to the five advantages of no mercury, energy saving, material saving, no electromagnetic interference to the environment and no harmful radiation, LED light source has many advantages in the field of lighting, especially in landscape lighting. Such as: low-voltage power supply - no high-voltage link, the cost of insulation is much smaller, high reliability; simple accessories - no starter, ballast or ultra-high voltage transformer; simple structure - the greatest advantage of solid light source, Non-inflatable, no glass casing, no gas sealing problem, impact resistance; good controllability - fast response time (on the order of microseconds), can be repeated frequently and repeatedly, basically no inertness, no fatigue; pure color - by The semiconductor PN junction itself produces color, pure, thick; rich colors - three primary colors plus digital technology, can evolve any color; lightweight structure - material saving, cost saving; low requirements on the strength and stiffness of the lamp; Large LED luminaires can be seen as consisting of LED cells, the smallest LED is only on the order of square millimeters or less; flexibility is good - the compactness of the LED light source allows the LED to adapt to decorative lighting requirements of various geometric sizes and different space sizes Such as: points, lines, faces, balls, different forms, and even any artistic sculpture of light.

  The application of led light source in the field of luminaire lighting is growing rapidly and will replace other light sources in the next few years. Over the years, the application of led skills in the field of lighting and lighting has brought unprecedented influence to planners and people's survival.

       Through the deep understanding of the skills of led light source, refer to the planning characteristics and growth trend of traditional lighting modeling, and the existing LED lighting has been elucidated, and the innovation of the lighting modeling on the foundation of the LED skills. Explore the joint point of led new skills and lighting styling plans to create a different lighting led model lights.

       The layout of the LED modeling lamp products is constantly exploring and innovating, and it has continuously introduced a combined lighting tunnel with various artistic shapes and material layouts. The LED modeling lamp has the characteristics of rich color, quietness, energy saving, strong strength, etc. The important materials are all made of iron or stainless steel to achieve the result of beauty decoration, and the LED modeling lighting is the supplement of the door lighting. Different styles of lighting, such as street dancers, white enamel as a real object; the night is coming, the rich and colorful high-brightness light source adds a bit of quiet and gorgeous to the night. Its point source is the latest patented product of our company. Its composition is light in weight, small in wind resistance, large in scale and rich in color. It accepts DC low voltage power supply method, which has power saving, quiet, long life, maintenance free, etc. Strengths.