We are no strangers in our lives for Simulation Tree

- May 16, 2018-

We are no strangers in our lives for Simulation Tree:

    I wonder if everybody noticed that some parks or shopping malls often see some very tall and beautiful plants whenever they go out for holiday shopping. When viewed from a distance, it is often mistaken for a true plant. However, only one touch touched the discovery that these plants were fake. It was the existence of artworks. What are the characteristics and uses of such fake simulation trees?

    The simulation tree is not unfamiliar in our lives. Today we are going to understand its classification. First, according to the environment can be divided into two kinds of indoor and outdoor, outdoor can resist wind, rain, UV and other functions. According to the type, there are preservation trees and artificial trees. The preserving type simulation tree is a specimen tree obtained by performing special processing on some or all of the target trees according to the characteristics of the trees, and the original tree of the target trees is greatly maintained in appearance. Artificial artificial tree

    Artificial artificial trees All kinds of decorative trees made of various materials imitating the shape of trees, such as large-scale simulation trees poured by cement, resin-like artificial trees, steel structure simulation trees, fiberglass simulation trees, LED landscape trees, other artificial tree crafts Wait.

    The simulation tree looks exactly like a real tree. What are the characteristics of the simulation tree? Let's look down together.

    1. The simulation tree has a wide range of materials, unique shapes and small space constraints.

    2. The simulation tree does not need water, soil and nutrients, and is easy to maintain without being affected by the natural climate.

    3, simulation tree shape realistic, people can also customize the shape according to their own preferences.

    4, the simulation tree is evergreen.