Tree lights can be widely used in parks and other green areas

- May 09, 2018-

Tree lights can be widely used in parks and other green areas

   Specifications: 1.5 meters high, 1.5 meters wide, colorful LED1000 beads, including 240 beads tree branches, branches 672 beads, power 60W, the tree pole using epoxy technology, transparent light, light source, emit a shiny crystal color It is very beautiful and beautiful. The tree light flowers are made of PVC material. The light transmission is good. The flowers contain a colorful LED. The LED tree light controller produced by Taolin Lighting makes the whole tree gradually changeable. , yellow, color, powder and other colors, the production process using 24V low pressure technology, the product is safer and more durable, outdoor waterproof, branches can be bent at will, free to shape with your wishes, light changes dynamic effect, night When the tree lights are lit, the entire tree gradually changes in a variety of brilliant colors, attracting pedestrians and forgetting.

    In the spirit of being responsible to consumers, we use 24V low-voltage technology in the production of tree lights, which makes our tree light products safer and more durable, eliminating safety hazards, allowing you to use our Tree light products, outdoor waterproof, branches can be bent freely, with the will of your free will shape, is a high-tech LED tree lights new varieties, leading the city beautify the latest landscape decoration trends.

    LED tree lights technical parameters: Power: AC220, DC24V Light source: LEDΦ5mm Color: red, yellow, green, blue, white, pink, purple, full color. LED tree light features: LED tree lights look very realistic, can watch day and night, this is not natural plants, especially at night to watch LED tree lights are very charming and dreamy, outdoor waterproof, energy saving, if the use of DC DC power supply Safe and reliable, long life, is the eye-catching work of modern urban landscape design, beautification and lighting.

    LED Tree Light Use: LED tree lights can be widely used in parks, green areas, private gardens, squares, hotels, city street trees, city landscapes and other night places.