The lighting function of the outdoor decorative lights can be determined according to the viewing needs.

- Mar 11, 2019-

Under the premise of changing the material, in the limit range of the LED, the means to increase the brightness is to increase the current, and as the current increases, the amount of heat generated by the LED will increase sharply. Friends who have used LED light source for portable projectors, or micro-projectors, must have a deep understanding. The projectors for LED light sources are very hot and generally have significant noise. These products, the small body is on the one hand, the key is still caused by its own heat.

    With the increase of power, the heat dissipation problem of outdoor decorative lights is more and more prominent. A large number of practical applications show that the basic reason why LEDs can not increase the input power is because the LEDs will release a lot of heat during the working process, so that the core knots The temperature rises rapidly and the thermal resistance increases. The higher the input power, the greater the heating effect. The increase of temperature will lead to device performance change and attenuation, non-radiative compound increase, device leakage current increase, semiconductor material defects increase, metal electrode electromigration, encapsulation epoxy resin yellowing, etc., seriously affecting the photoelectric parameters of LED. Even the power LED is disabled. Therefore, for LED devices, it is increasingly important to reduce the thermal resistance and junction temperature and to study the thermal characteristics of LEDs.

Outdoor decorative light

    The outdoor decorative lights are pure and elegant, or beating and changing; colorful, or rotating and shining. The style is elegant and chic, with profound meaning, or resembling a mascot, or simulating a certain scene, or reflecting local cultural characteristics. The lighting function of the outdoor decorative lights depends on the viewing requirements. For outdoor decorative lights, the choice of light source is usually based on three primary color energy-saving lamps, LED lights, and the like.

    The design of outdoor decorative lights is based on the requirements of customers, but also in combination with customer site conditions, local cultural characteristics, etc., paying attention to the functions and meanings of the lighting set, combining modern lighting technology for artistic creation, and then simulating the dynamics by computer 3D software. The real scene allows customers to experience landscape lighting effects to meet various lighting requirements.