Shenyang set all kinds of led string lights

- Jan 18, 2018-

Shenyang set all kinds of led string lights more than 20 million poles lighting more than 1,000 light

Night falls, neon lights, fireworks silver flowers, bright lights and snow shadow intertwined, colorful, the whole city against the background of picturesque. On the night of December 30, driving in the main streets of Shenyang, a harmonious, beautiful and prosperous city festivals increasingly strong atmosphere. City Urban Planning Bureau official said, in order to contrast the festival atmosphere during the New Year's Day and Spring Festival, to celebrate the arrival of the festival city environment, Shenyang Urban Construction Bureau coordinate the relevant district in Shenyang key streets, squares, green spaces and other points set LED string Lights, landscape tree lights and lighting simulation poles, etc., to create a festive festive atmosphere.

According to reports, the city landscape construction adhere to both energy saving and environmental protection, both beautiful and stylish, both colorful and bright principles, the city's key squares, green spaces, street trees, light poles set a number of new and beautiful, the combination of static and dynamic, day and night Holiday landscape. Among them, Zhongshan Square Plaza, 4 square, Youth Avenue, more than 30 Street, Wulihe green space more than 40 green spaces, set a total of more than 200 kinds of LED string lights (a), LED tree landscape simulation lights more than 100 trees Light pole lighting more than 1,000.

The festival landscape construction energy saving and environmental protection, lighting all adopt LED energy-saving lamps, fully embodies the characteristics of energy-saving emission reduction, low-carbon environment, while many lamps can be reused, saving money.