Popular Starry led copper wire bulbs

- Feb 25, 2019-

Popular Starry led copper wire bulbs

Vintage Edison LED Bulb, Dimmable 4W ST64 Antique LED Bulb Squirrel Cage Filament Light

When you want bulbs that give your home a touch of class and panache you need to take a gander at what VENUSOP has for you. They give you LED lighting that emulates the ancient bulbs that were all the rage in the 1900s. Squirrel cage design and looking like a piece of history they last much longer than the original and at 330 lumens, you have the perfect replacement for that chandelier or light, out on the porch.

So, you can see LED lighting can replace the conventional bulbs you are using now and give you longer life, better light, and cut you lighting bill significantly.

You can now see why making the switch to LED is the right choice for 2018 and beyond. You can put these light bulbs in and not have to worry about changing them for up to 20 years and that takes you to 2037 easily.

Save money, get the light you want, and be friendly to the environment all with a simple shift in the type of bulbs you are using today.