New item hot selling body sensor light

- Aug 22, 2018-

New item hot selling body sensor light:

The product adopts human body infrared sensing and light control technology combined with long-light function, which can be used as emergency lighting, with good reliability, stable performance, high brightness, long service life and easy installation, which greatly enhances the use value of users' products. It is an ideal luminaire product without any danger.

Product manual:

1. Touch switch control, three-speed switch

2. Battery power supply, USB charging

3. If the LED light is weak or not bright, the product is in low power mode, and it needs to be charged before it can be used normally.

4. The touch switch turns on the long light mode, touches the switch again, the red light flashes, the human body sensing mode is turned on, and finally the touch switch, the blue light flashes, and stops working.

5. The charging red light is on, the charging is completed, and the blue light is on.

6. Magnet adsorption base, easy to install, equipped with 3M glue and screws.

Use place:Cabinets, wardrobes, sinks, desks, furniture cabinets, kitchens, bathrooms, etc.