Neon night economy

- Jan 12, 2018-

On the evening of the 7th, Zibo street scenery. The bustling degree of an urban nightlife, to a certain extent, also represents the level of urban development.

An endless flow of people, colorful flashing neon lights, colorful cultural activities, dizzying discounted goods ... ... getting dark night, walking in the streets of downtown Zibo, but not seen quiet, but more bustling lively.

From April 6 to April 9, this reporter visited a number of shopping malls, cinemas and gyms in downtown Zibo to experience the glittering night economy and to experience the fashion charm of Zibo. Reporter found that as the weather gets warmer, more and more people like to come in the evening, bring a young and old, out of the house, went to theaters, shopping malls, bookstores, parks and enjoy the nightlife. At the same time, with the completion of Zibo central city a city complex, whenever night falls, people are not afraid of no place to play. Cinema, gym, bookstore, video game city, KTV, everything.