LED wants to light up the rural market

- Apr 27, 2018-

How LED has made breakthroughs in prices and channels has become the most realistic issue for lighting companies. Recently, it was discovered that rural and other second and third-tier markets have become new areas for LED companies to develop on channels. How to make LED into a "good and cheap" product smoothly into the second and third tier market, may be LED companies urgently need to solve the problem.

Since last year, with the downturn in the European and American markets, the domestic market has gradually become one of the main battlefields for many brand companies to go to war. The LED lighting that has always been characterized by "high price and high grade" has, along with its large-scale and industrialized application, the prices have also been greatly reduced, which in turn has made it possible to open up vast rural markets. It is understood that many LED companies have Think of the rural market as one of the main directions for the future.