Led Strip light

- May 15, 2019-

Led Strip light with security

Lights are indispensable in our homes and the lights are used in some public places or offices. So now led lights are more commonly used lamps, then there are many kinds of led lights, which is not bad. So let us introduce the safety of led lights? How to choose led light strip? Let's see.

How to choose led light bar

1, color

In terms of color, LED lights have "color", "white", "warm white", "red", "green", "yellow", "blue" and so on. In theory, LEDs can call up a lot of colors, but the mainstream is only a few. According to the color temperature, there will be some "deviation". For example, "warm white" is divided into 2000K and 4000K color temperatures, and "white" has a cool white color and a "white" color close to the sun color. According to our company's shipping statistics. The shipment is "warm white" and then "white" to yellow and blue. Other colors are very small. To "warm", choose "warm white"; "clean", select "cold white"; to "fashion", select "blue" and "alternative", select "yellow or green".

2, model

The models used for LED strips are 3528 and 5050. Therefore, you can buy a good chip, in addition to your own purchase can not produce a good price, but also manufacturers have integrity. In general, chips from Europe, the US and Japan are superior to Taiwan chips, and Taiwan chips are superior to domestic chips. But the price is also higher than one. Sometimes it is really "proud": there are many cutting-edge talents in this country. When any product arrives at home, it not only "decreass" the performance of the product, but also causes the price to drop. So, when you choose, you can't choose some mid-priced products. Not very good, but it won't be bad. The quotation is very low, the quality is really "nothing to say", the quotation is very high, you can't buy the US chip, because the market share is small, the manufacturer will not go to production. I believe that you won't be able to buy high-priced products that only use "50%" to use US chips. The SMD5050 used in the light bar is packaged in Taiwan's high-brightness chip package, and the luminous flux is 1-2lm higher than that of the ordinary chip. The 5050 lamp has three chips. When one chip is damaged, it does not affect the other two chips. When only three cores are damaged, only one set of three 5050s does not illuminate, which does not affect the entire strip.

3, materials

Unlike materials, there are two types, one is a hard hard strip and the other is a flexible strip of flexible material. LED hard light strips are assembled with PCB hard boards. The LED is assembled with the patch LED. They are also assembled with online LEDs. Use different components as needed. The advantage of the hard light bar is that it is relatively easy to fix and easy to process and install; the disadvantage is that it cannot be bent freely and is not suitable for irregular places. The LED strip of the light bar has 18 LEDs. 24 LED, 30 LED, 36 LED, 40 LED, etc. There are 18, 24, 36, 48 and other built-in LEDs. There are also sides, and the side lighting is also called the Great Wall Light Bar. Flexible LED strips are assembled in FPC and assembled with SMD LEDs to make the thickness of a coin only a thickness of a coin, not occupying space; the general specification is 30 cm long, 18 LEDs, 24 LEDs and 50 cm long 15 LED, 24 LED, 30 LED, etc. There are also 60cm, 80cm and so on. Different users have different specifications. You can cut it at will. It can also be expanded at will, and the lighting is not affected. The FPC material is soft and can be bent at will. , folding, winding, can be moved and expanded in three dimensions without breaking. It is suitable for irregular places and small spaces, and because it can be bent and entangled arbitrarily, it is suitable for arbitrarily combining various patterns in an advertisement. Above we introduced the safety of led lights? How to choose the related issues of led lights, we should have some understanding of this issue.