Led pattern lights use the emotional symbols and points of light color

- Aug 08, 2018-

Led pattern lights use the emotional symbols and points of light color

    First, the emotional symbol of light color

      Led pattern light color is one of the most important elements of stage lighting, and is also the most complicated factor. Color can cause people's aesthetic experience, and people's memories produce similar associations. For example, red can make people associate the positive and negative aspects, associate with fire and blood, and then think of the sun, wedding, war, etc., feeling warm, warm, festive or horrible, painful, and dead. In the stage performances, the design of led pattern lights often expresses and expresses the plot and the atmosphere with the symbol or meaning of light color. However, because of differences in group culture and personal habits and moods, the association and feeling of color are also different and cannot be generalized.

      Second, the use of light color points

      1. The design follows the principle of “one color is the main color, and its color is attached”.

      The so-called "one color is the main color, and its color is attached" means that the lighting design has a clear color tendency when creating the atmosphere of the led pattern lamp for each scene. The overall layout and the color effect formed by it must be clearly defined. When using shades in the performance area, it should be concise and distinctive. In the use of color light skills to master the artistic effect of color light, in order to ensure a clear keynote, in order to more vividly express the theme of the plot. For example, in the large-scale dance poem "Western Yangguan" (the drama won the "Wenhua" lighting design award of the Ministry of Culture) "The ancient road": a camel team in the early morning sun rises along the ancient Silk Road Walking slowly in the endless desert, from far to near... In the lighting design of this scene, I used the blue sky to make the background, and the performance area was yellow light as the main tone, and began to project to the stage with yellow side light, symbolizing With the clear blue sky and the rising sun in the morning... As the camel's distance is near, the yellow light gradually strengthens and is projected from different angles. The stage gradually becomes brighter and warmer, symbolizing that the sun has been slowed from the sky. As the sun rises, the golden desert becomes brighter. When the camel team was completely approaching, the yellow glare covered the stage, and the stage instantly became brilliant, giving the audience a shock in the visual. At this time on the stage, the blue sky, the vast desert where the sun shines, the golden glow, the long camel team is accompanied by the sweet camel bells. The beautiful picture and profound artistic conception indicate the prosperous and prosperous future of the ancient Silk Road, revealing the longing and embarrassment of the western people for a better life in the future, and sang the people of all ethnic groups in the west with positive optimism, fearless hardship and courage to explore. The spirit has created the world-famous ancient Silk Road, carrying forward and spreading the profound Chinese culture, so that the culture and commerce of the East and the West meet here...