LED outdoor decorative lights are more suitable for outdoor decorative lighting due to energy saving and stability

- Mar 07, 2019-

LED outdoor decorative lights are more suitable for outdoor decorative lighting due to energy saving and stability

Outdoor decorative lights mainly have two functions of decoration and lighting, among which the decorative function is important. In the long-term use, LED can save several times more electricity than other light sources, and provide more stable lighting, brightness is 3 times that of energy-saving lamps, or 7 times that of incandescent lamps, far surpasses other lamps in life, and beautiful colors It is very suitable for outdoor decorative lighting.

    Outdoor decorative lights can also change people's moods, improve people's emotions, and change people's ideas to create a light and dark palette-like night. During the day, outdoor decorative lights can be decorated with urban scenery; at night, outdoor decorative lamps can provide necessary lighting and living convenience, increase residents' sense of security, and highlight the city's highlights, interpretation of bright style, so that it has developed into a mature Industry chain.

    The elements of urban environmental landscape include natural objects and artificial buildings. They have both large and small products, some of which are useful in function and some of which emphasize ornamental value. From the past, the products of the decorative lamp manufacturers have focused on the transformation of functions into practicality and aesthetics. In the future, they will be continuous, standardized, planned to expand and implement and improve the level of technology and art.

    Of course, LEDs also have shortcomings, the main one is the price, which is several times more expensive than incandescent and energy-saving lamps. In the LED outdoor decorative light manufacturers' view, the cost of the light source accounts for a small part of the outdoor decorative light, so the cost is not much improved, and the LED power saving and long life characteristics will be more cost-effective than other light sources when used for a long time.

    The outdoor decorative lights used in many residential areas in China are all high-voltage lamps of 220V. In the event of leakage or damage, it is easy to injure people. In contrast, foreign countries have considered it in this respect. Most of the outdoor decorative lights are stepped down by transformers, making them It is controlled within the human body safety voltage to ensure safety.

    In addition, some garden outdoor decorative lights use glass products appropriately. Some people think that glass is also one of the unstable factors in the safety of outdoor decorative lights, but experts believe that even good quality glass (especially special glass) can damage people even if broken. It is also very small. If the developer can pay attention to the use of building materials, and the cost of using good materials, the safety factor can be greatly improved.