LED neon lights with these advantages

- Jan 05, 2018-

LED lights with the characteristics and advantages are:

     Interior decoration generally choose the second round, flat three lines, flat four lines.

1, soft, curly like a wire, 2, can cut and extension, 3, the lamp and the circuit is completely covered in flexible plastic, insulation, waterproof performance, safe, 4, weather-resistant -20 -50 ℃, 5, easy to crack Long service life, life expectancy up to 80,000 - 100,000 hours, 6, easy to make graphics, text and other modeling; 7, rich colors, beautiful color effect Blue, white, Red, orange, warm white, red and blue, purple, colorful. 8, Lee environmental protection and energy saving, cold light source, small glare. No radiation, mercury-free elements, the use of harmful substances not issued.