LED motif light's plan and function

- Mar 30, 2018-

The layout of the led motif light products constantly explores and innovates, extending the length of others and continuously launching a combined lighting tunnel with various artistic shapes and material layouts. LED motif light has rich colors, quiet, energy saving, strong and other characteristics, the important material is iron or stainless steel made of various artistic styling to reach the results of decorative decoration, led motif light is the doorway lighting supplement. Different shapes of lighting, such as dancers in the street, the white pheasant as a real appreciation; night, rich and colorful high-intensity light source for the night added a bit quiet and gorgeous. Its point light source is the latest patented product of our company. Its composition is light in weight, small in wind resistance, and it is full of colorful and rich colors. It accepts DC low-voltage power supply method, and it has power saving, quietness, long life, maintenance-free, etc. Strengths.