led motif light power supply need attention

- Apr 16, 2018-

Now, LED motif light market is more lively, LED motif light power manufacturers are mainly divided into three major types: the first category is the development of LED chips or LED lights factory, homeopathic down soaked; the second category is to do is do the usual lighting The third category is a completely new factory, they once did power or other products or new ventures.

The LED motif light power supply is a very important part of the LED motif light. If it is improperly selected, the LED motif light does not perform as much as it should. Even the LED motif light may not be used properly.

The characteristics of the LED semiconductor determine that it is influenced by the environment. For example, the temperature of the LED will increase when the temperature is added, and the LED current will also be added when the voltage is added. Exceeding the extra current operation for a long time will greatly shorten the lifetime of the LED. The LED constant current is to ensure that the operating current does not change when environmental factors such as temperature and voltage change.