LED Motif Light Application Overview

- May 21, 2018-

LED Motif Light Application link is to reflect the advantages of LED as a solid-state lighting compared to traditional lighting more energy-saving and environmental protection advantages, although the technical than the front-end extension, chip and other fields is slightly lower, but it is the most indispensable part of the LED industry chain.

   LED application overview, LED in order to maintain the stability of the LED current are used constant current control, so that it can not be easily affected by Vf changes, extend the life of LED lamps.

   Because the LED is a characteristic-sensitive semiconductor device with negative temperature characteristics, it needs to be protected in a stable working state during the application process, resulting in the concept of driving. LED devices have relatively strict requirements on the driving power supply. LED devices for different purposes require different driving power sources to match. The LED driver is only required in the LED application section. The driver is always directly linked to the LED application device.