LED motif light

- Jan 22, 2018-

Christmas decoration led motif light Description:

Product Name: LED Street Light, LED Light Tunnel, LED Street Light, LED Street Light, LED Art Light, LED Modeling Light, LED Pattern Light, Street Light Pole, Street Light Pole,


Description: The structure of LED lighting tunnel products is constantly exploring and innovating, drawing on the strengths of others extensively and introducing the combined lighting tunnels with various artistic shapes and material structures. It uses low-voltage DC power supply, with energy-saving, safe, long life, maintenance-free features. LED (LED single module, two-way light module, two-way light with special characteristics) / C7 light bulb as a light source,led motif lights, with rich colors, safety, energy saving, strong perspective and so on, the main material is iron (welding + ) Or stainless steel (welding shape + grinding + preparation) into a variety of artistic shapes to beautify the decorative effect;


Applicable occasions: It is widely used in urban roads, streets, garden square, night hall lighting hall building. It is auspicious cultural lighting, holiday celebrations beautify the decorative effect;

Features: LED light / C7 bulb color: red, yellow, blue, green, white, color;