Led modeling light transformer and controller to do waterproof and rainproof measures

- Aug 14, 2018-

The use of led light sources in the field of luminaire lighting is rapidly evolving and will replace other light sources in the next few years. In recent years, the use of led skills in the field of lighting illumination has brought unprecedented impact to planners and everyone.

After deepening the understanding of the skills of led modeling lamps, referring to the planning characteristics and development trends of traditional lamps and exteriors, and analyzing the existing LED lamps, on the basis of the advantages of led skills, the appearance of the lamps is opened. Look for the combination of led new skills and lighting exterior planning to create an exotic lighting led model.

The structural aspects of the led modeling lamp products are constantly explored and differentiated, and they have been widely introduced to others. They have continuously introduced a combination of various art shapes and data structures. The led modeling lamp has the characteristics of rich color, safety, energy saving, strong strength, etc. The primary raw material is made of iron or stainless steel to make various artistic appearances to beautify and decorate. The LED modeling lighting is the road lighting compensation. Different styles of lighting, such as the dancers in the street, enjoy the day as a real thing; the night falls, the rich and colorful high-brightness light source adds a bit of silence and beauty to the night. Its point light source is the latest patented product of our company. Its compact shape, small wind resistance, large situation and rich color, it uses DC low voltage power supply method, which has the advantages of power saving, safety, long life and protection.

     Led modeling light rainbow tube includes led modeling lamp strip, led modeling lamp flexible neon, etc., when installing, try not to remove all the strips from the reel, and then pull the whole strip to the building; because if you force The slamming guide will cause the main line of the lamp to break, causing the lamp to be irreparably damaged. If there is no light in the middle, the non-bright unit can be cut with a blade and then docked with the intermediate connector. It should be reminded that the plugs and the tail plugs of the dockings should be waterproofed when used outdoors.

     In addition, when using the electric wire, pay attention to the negative power; when the power consumption of the project is not large, the main line uses the national standard 4 mm square main line, and the transformer to the lamp line uses 2.5 mm square wire. Use up to five types of network cables as much as possible for the signal lines. Transformers and controllers are waterproof and rainproof.