LED lighting supplier

- Feb 15, 2018-

LED lighting business breakthrough electricity supplier how not to impact the physical store?

E-commerce can not conflict with the store

Lighting electricity supplier in recent years the rapid development of many lighting companies conform to the times, from the traditional business to e-commerce march. The face of this trend of development, Lv Weidong that the current market structure has been quietly changing, the development of enterprises and distributors should be more professional, more subdivided direction, both marketing team or R & D team must go to specialization The direction of development, who are highly professional, who will be able to seize the market. Now take the wholesale, distribution of dealers will gradually be replaced by the electricity supplier, because the cost of shop to pay a lot higher than the electricity supplier, in addition, electricity providers can solve many problems, for example, to establish their own services and logistics Team, more experience and popularity of the channels more widely, to promote the brand faster and faster, and so on, the future e-commerce channels will gradually weaken the lighting City store business.

Another point, the best business do not conflict with the e-commerce, shop model can be converted to avoid the conflict of interest between businesses and e-commerce, because online shop to retail-based object, so the general shop selling home category product. Therefore, enterprises can consider opening a project under the lighting shop online, open a home-class display shop online, so as to avoid the electricity supplier to agents of the conflict of interest.