led lighting supplier

- Feb 07, 2018-

LED lighting industry electricity supplier status quo

At present, with LED lighting fiery, many LED lighting websites and sub-sites like mushrooms have started to set up. Just enter in the Baidu search box: LED + e-commerce, you can search out more than 500 million relevant information. These media hope that through the upgrade or revision for many LED lighting companies to provide brand promotion, product promotion channels, trade platforms and other services.

LED overcapacity forced enterprises to expand electricity supplier

The industry predicts that the LED industry structural overcapacity in 2013 will continue. It is understood that, in order to speed up the opening of the civilian market, powerful LED companies have self-built channels last year, the LED lights sold to consumers. Among them, the electricity business because of its new model, the relatively low initial investment costs and other advantages greatly welcomed by the LED business.