LED lighting market

- Feb 23, 2018-

LED lighting market, the new intention is what is it?

1. Innovative product or the main theme. With the development of economy, the scope of people with high and medium expenses is gradually expanding, and there will be an inexhaustible trend of expansion. Consumption of the community in this sector is not just the product just need, but also to find the nature. However, looking at the recent developments in the lighting market, product homogeneity filled the market, and consumer demand is very different.

"Innovation is the ticket to the future of enterprises.As long as companies willing to invest in product R & D to invest a higher cost, to grasp the market trends, the product of consumer demand satisfaction, it has to carry out the disadvantage. This announcement. It is understood that a lamp is an overseas brand, while the foreign is a manufacturing power, the product R & D special attention, therefore, lamps and lanterns in the product research and development invested a high capital, but also hired foreign visionary team, the confrontation of the original ideas, efforts To create good lamps.

2. From this year's double-11, more than 160 billion sales record, the "touch-up" of enterprises is already the trend. Throughout the lighting market, many traditional enterprises have numerous "test water" collection marketing, hoping to catch up with the marketing of this "free ride." This also shows that lighting business "network" is the trend, lighting companies can catch the wind vane, trying to be brilliant in 2018.