LED lighting industry

- Feb 22, 2018-

LED lighting industry stationed e-commerce is an inevitable trend is the opportunity is also a challenge

Production factories must contact consumers as soon as possible to end the situation by eating in the weather: In general, OEM, ODM factories in business orders, the days are relatively better, and once the market environment is not good, like the current debt crisis in Europe, the United States Finance Still in the slow recovery of this situation, a serious impact on the export of LED products, then, the days of our factory will become very sad, a more vivid metaphor is the factory like farmers rely on the weather to eat, I believe this We do not want to live a day, and e-commerce is precisely this situation can be changed, e-commerce is equivalent to take the initiative to find a bunch of consumers in their own hands, you need to be good, maintain, and continue to meet their consumption. And you can more clearly analyze consumer trends, the direction of research and development to determine good.