LED light strip decoration

- Apr 16, 2019-

LED light strip will become the new favorite of home decoration

In the decoration, lighting is an indispensable part, the owner will generally see the LED light strip in the decoration list, but most owners do not know what this is, for two reasons, one is not much contact, two Because the lamp strip is generally hidden, we only see its light, but we can't see it. In fact, this is the highest state of the lamp - "see the light can not see the light."

Although the large main lamp in the center of the living room is bright enough, it is not soft enough, and it is easy to form a light shadow on the wall and the ground due to the direction of the light. A soft white warm LED strip with soft light in the dark trough of the ceiling not only provides a home theater lighting environment, but also creates a warm atmosphere.

When cutting vegetables in the kitchen, the body blocks the light behind it, which makes people worry about cutting the hand. If you want to solve the problem of insufficient cooking and dishwashing, we can install the LED light strip on the lower side of the cabinet and directly above the console. The small light source can add partial illumination to the operation area, creating a relaxed space and soothing mood.