LED lifting plant lighting

- May 04, 2018-

The problem of global warming has become more serious, and the problem of food shortages has also worsened. Therefore, in recent years, LED light sources have been used in the cultivation of plant foods, and the establishment of a "plant factory" has become a trend. The industry analyst of the Photonics Association pointed out that the annual output value of LED plant factories grows. With a rate of 62%, the Taiwan Plant including Everlight (2393-TW), New Century (3383-TW), Jingdian (2448-TW), and Yuanyuan (3061-TW) are all cutting into the field of plant lighting in different fields, however, Due to the fact that Taiwan’s agricultural development has a certain foundation and the domestic market is relatively small, the development of plant plants in Taiwan has been limited. It is suggested that the production of highly profitable crops can be promoted and the competitiveness of the plant lighting industry can be improved.