LED lamps have become the primary choice

- Apr 23, 2018-

The characteristics of LED energy saving and environmental protection will surely make it a major leader in the future of lighting. LED is a potential market in terms of both environmental protection and efficiency. But at present, the LED's cost is very large in terms of function, and the price is much more expensive than an ordinary light bulb, but in the long-term sense, the LED lamp will last longer and more energy-efficient. These superior features will bring us better. The benefits.


LED lamps have become the first choice for people. The difference between LED lamps and ordinary lamps (incandescent halogen lamps and energy-saving lamps) is mainly from the light-emitting principle, incandescent halogen lamps and other general lighting lamps are converted into electrical energy Inspired into light energy, most of the energy is wasted in this kind of overdriving. The LED light is the direct conversion of electric energy into light energy. This process saves most of the energy. This is the fundamental reason why LED lamps are more energy-efficient.