LED lamp with conductor patch

- Jun 25, 2018-

Analysis of stripping process of paint insulation layer on surface of LED lamp with conductor patch

As the fourth-generation light source, LED lights have the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, and longevity. In addition, LED light strips have a good display effect and beautiful decoration, and thus are widely used in furniture, automobiles, advertising, lighting, ships, bars and other industries.

In actual manufacturing, the LED lamp is regularly distributed with the LED lamp. In order to allow the LED lamp attached to the conductor to be conductive, the paint insulation layer at the patch position needs to be stripped to expose the copper wire position for follow-up. Patch package ready.

LED strips have a high market demand and a large amount of production. Therefore, high requirements have been put on the production efficiency of strips and strips. At present, laser stripping methods are mainly used to remove strips and paints, and the insulation layers are mainly stripping and stripping. The following compares the efficiency differences between the two stripping methods