LED flexible strip light features and advantages

- Apr 11, 2018-

LED flexible strip light features and advantages:

LED strip lights, Because of its luminous shape, such as a band of light named, including chips, resistors, PVC casing, copper wire (copper best, but also alloy wire, aluminum wire), general interior decoration only need furniture or ceiling ceiling Dark troughs, entrances, and video walls are only accessible when using the principle of light reflection and refraction (auxiliary) lighting and decorative effects.

Indoor decoration generally choose round second, flat three, flat four.

1. soft and can curl like wires

2. Can cut and extend, bulb and circuit are completely covered in flexible plastic,

3. Insulation, waterproof performance, safe use,

4. Strong weather resistance -20-50°C,

5. Easy to break long service life, service life up to 80,000 - 100,000 hours,

6. Easy to create graphics, text and other modeling;

7. Rich in color, beautiful blue color effect, white, green, yellow, red, orange, warm white, red and blue, pink purple, colorful.

8. Lee environmental protection and energy saving, cold light source, little glare. No radiation, no mercury, and no harmful substances are emitted during use.