LED development in the general lighting market

- May 14, 2018-

The price/performance ratio of LED has reached a considerable level, which is enough to be widely used in LCD display applications. General lighting applications will be the next largest market for LED light sources. But the fact is that only ordinary LED lighting can beat the current technology. In this case, the main competitors in the lighting industry are developing new services to add innovative factors and values to solid-state lighting, while also enabling their products to stand out from the traditional technologies.

The total cost of prices is still the main driving factor in most professional fields, and the advantages of LED light sources over traditional technologies are higher returns. Considering that home lighting is the main area where LEDs are distributed on a large scale in the general lighting market, since the prepayment cost of LED lamps is higher than that of the prior art, the penetration rate is still low. Although the life of the LED lamp is up to 50,000 hours (the average life of the white lamp is only 1,000 hours), many people are still reluctant to pay for the higher prepayment cost of the LED lamp.