LEd dandelion lamp manufacturer

- Apr 06, 2019-

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First, energy saving, high brightness, low power consumption, energy saving and environmental protection.

Second, the use of low-voltage control, high level of security, no worries;

Third, the luminous color of golden light.

Fourth, long life.

Fifth, the shape of the wheat ear lamp is realistic, the daytime look is the simulation plant, and at night it is the wheat ear lamp. Watch the lights at night during the day. People are placed in a dreamy natural landscape.

Product material: PVC wheat ear, unbreakable PC pole, PP black insert, highlight 2835 patch light source.

Power supply mode: 12 volts low voltage, safe and stable.

Switching mode: Individual switch control. Different lighting effects can be designed according to different environments and site requirements. Make the whole venue beautiful.

Lighting mode: long bright LED lights.

Packing: Carton safe packaging

Uses: municipal lighting project; roadside, park lawn, lake view, community, villa decoration;

Description: The latest products, widely used, novel and beautiful. It is a good product for lighting engineering.