LED cooper string light feature and application

- Apr 18, 2018-

LED cooper string light feature and application:


1. The use value of LED copper lamps mainly includes: low power consumption, high performance, long life, cold light source, long time lighting, and rich colors.

2. LED copper lamp product performance: easy to install, low maintenance, non-broken, high brightness, easy bending, high temperature, waterproof, green, low temperature, energy saving, high safety, light weight, small size

3.LED copper wire application range: Can be DIY a variety of strange and practical products, such as clothes, backpacks, shoes, gloves, jewelry (necklaces, garlands), bicycles, motorcycles and various models shine.


Urban lighting of buildings, landscapes, environments, bridges, stadiums and airports;

· Indoor and outdoor lighting of schools, hospitals, ancient buildings, churches, and companies

· Background decorations for exhibitions, concerts and fashion shows

· Indoor and outdoor decoration of restaurants, resorts, restaurants, cruise ships and spas

· Retail atmosphere decoration of shopping malls, store designs, displays, etc.

· Landscape decoration of ground, water features, fountains, swimming pools and hot springs

· Stage environment decoration for drama, TV studio, movie set, dance and photography

· Exhibits, planetariums, zoos, aquariums and memorials