LED companies how to identify the direction of the industry stand out?

- Jan 19, 2018-

Recently, LED listed companies have announced the performance of the first half of 2017 notice, many LED business performance rose steadily. LED industry as a whole while the market space is shrinking, the increasingly fierce industry competition. Who can better grasp the future trend, who will win this competition station.

With the general lighting technology maturing, the replacement of LED beyond lighting (cross-border integration) and segments will widen the space for industrial growth. The following five directions will become the industry's growth point, the next few years is expected to come into your life!

1.OLED technology to expand the scope of application

2. LED plant lighting to start the commercialization process

3. "Wisdom Lighting" gradually moved from concept to real application

4. Automotive LED become a new blue ocean

5.MicroLED light a new generation of display technology

In terms of enterprise layout, Apple Labs located in Longtan, Taoyuan, Taiwan will start small-scale production of Micro LED panels by the end of 2017 and use it on the next Apple Watch. In addition, Hon Hai Group this year announced the acquisition of all shares of the US startup eLux, the layout of the next generation display technology, with a view to further accelerate the commercialization of Micro-LED displays. San An Broadcasting began layout Micro-LED a year ago, speed research and development, competition for patents.