How to develop the lamp company from the Frankfurt Lighting Fair

- May 11, 2018-

How to develop the lamp company from the Frankfurt Lighting Fair

    Prediction: The development of the market determines the development of the exhibition, and focuses on local advantages. Chinese lighting companies have more room for development.

    The Frankfurt Lighting Fair has an exhibition area of 226,293 square meters and the number of visitors reached 180,000, which is a significant increase over the previous session.

    Frankfurt Lighting Fair vs. Guangzhou International Lighting Fair: The two are the world's lighting industry event, but there are many differences in the exhibition positioning, service functions, exhibitor structure, audience and corporate communication. We learned from the organizers of the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition that the Guangzhou Pavilion to be launched in June is currently full, with an exhibition area of 130,000 square meters and occupying 13 exhibition halls, an increase of 18% over the previous session. The exhibition is 15 years old this year. The organizers have invested enormous manpower and material resources in the invitation of the audience and the planning of the exhibition activities. It is believed that the number of visitors this year will be a great breakthrough compared with previous years. It seems that the two world lighting exhibitions have achieved very good results this year, which is also due to the recovery of the global economy. However, we believe that with the overall rise of China's manufacturing industry and the sound development of the Chinese market, the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition based in China will overtake the Frankfurt Lighting Fair in the future. It is understood that the development of European and American markets has stabilized, and the development of enterprises has a tendency of “bigger, bigger, smaller, smaller”. Large-scale enterprises gradually extend their tentacles to China and Southeast Asia, and Guangzhou International Lighting Fair has also become these large enterprises. A springboard for development, Chinese companies should make full use of it. We predict that the current lighting companies in China will take part in foreign exhibitions and pay attention to their local advantages, and they will have better opportunities for development and opportunities to build world famous brands.

    The level of Chinese halls is narrowing but the gap still exists

    From the point of view of corporate presentations, this time watching the Frankfurt Lighting Fair can clearly feel that the level of display by Chinese companies is improving. More Chinese companies participated in the exhibition, and there were also improvements in the image of booths. Chinese companies also had special booths. However, the gap still exists. The latest exhibitions in foreign pavilions have more professional advantages. After all, they have a more complete system and a more mature foundation. The foreign pavilions appear more professional and more important in the promotion of corporate and product image, whether it is the image of the staff or the way the products are placed. Furthermore, the way the exhibits are displayed is more focused on the integration of other elements, such as the expression and persuasiveness of operational light-enhanced products, rather than pure product display and sales.

    Over half of LED lighting design and product integration

    From the point of view of the exhibits technology, LED has become the mainstream at this year's show. Almost all exhibitors have introduced LED products to participate in the exhibition. Promotions such as Philips, GE and OSRAM have been popularized from the previous weak to the present, and even some countries have not Industry companies such as South Korea, Japan, Toshiba, LG, Panasonic, etc. are also turning to the introduction of LED products. It can be said that some large international companies have also begun to enter the LED industry, and the industry’s attention is increasing. In general, this year's exhibition is almost the world of LED.

    We also saw that not only the lamps and lanterns were exhibited by some companies at the exhibition, but also a comprehensive system of lighting energy saving was proposed. The design, technology, and products were well combined, and the technological content of the products was increased.

    Decorative lighting is not great new ideas

    Judging from the display categories, for the professional lighting, this exhibition does not have much new ideas for decorative lighting. In addition to the lighting industry, the entire exhibition has made great progress. The progress in building electrics is also great.