How to create a distinctive lamp led model light

- Aug 01, 2018-

How to create a distinctive lamp led model light

The application of led light source in the field of luminaire lighting is growing rapidly and will replace other light sources in the next few years. Over the years, the application of led skills in the field of lighting and lighting has brought unprecedented influence to planners and people's survival.

     Through the deep understanding of the skills of led light source, refer to the planning characteristics and growth trend of traditional lighting modeling, and the existing LED lighting has been elucidated, and the innovation of the lighting modeling on the foundation of the LED skills. Explore the joint point of led new skills and lighting styling plans to create a different lighting led model lights.

     The layout of the LED modeling lamp products is constantly exploring and innovating, and it has continuously introduced a combined lighting tunnel with various artistic shapes and material layouts. The LED modeling lamp has the characteristics of rich color, quietness, energy saving, strong strength, etc. The important materials are all made of iron or stainless steel to achieve the result of beauty decoration, and the LED modeling lighting is the supplement of the door lighting. Different styles of lighting, such as street dancers, white enamel as a real object; the night is coming, the rich and colorful high-brightness light source adds a bit of quiet and gorgeous to the night. Its point source is the latest patented product of our company. Its composition is light in weight, small in wind resistance, large in scale and rich in color. It accepts DC low voltage power supply method, which has power saving, quiet, long life, maintenance free, etc. Strengths.

First, the lighting of the street light pole

       The lighting of the lamppost is usually a series of 60 cm lanterns with 80 cm lanterns. It can also be used for a single suspension of 130 cm large led modeling lamps.

       Whether it is 60 cm, 80 cm or 130 cm lanterns, the connection method is wrought iron bracket link. Due to the large size of the lantern, if only the hook is used to form a safety hazard, we do not recommend the use of hooks for large LED modeling lights.

Second, the lighting of the trees

       The lighting of common tree vegetation adopts small led modeling lamps of less than 30 cm. The most rare ones are single hanging, two series and three series. The connection method generally adopts the hook connection method. That is, the hooks of similar key chains are arranged on the top and bottom of the lantern, so that a single lantern can be transported to increase the freight. It also allows customers to connect their lanterns in tandem.

Third, on the lighting of the building

       Led modeling lights are more sensitive to the lighting of the building. According to the actual situation, you can use a series of small led modeling lights, or you can use a 60 cm lantern to make three series, and a small lantern series requires 6~10 lantern. In order to ensure the safety of the multi-lane series, in addition to the hook link, the wire rope should be used to insert the fixed lantern from the reserved hole at both ends of the lantern. Avoid swinging with the wind due to long lengths.