How decorative lights can improve energy efficiency

- Mar 28, 2019-

For many years of evolution of decorative lights, people who may be engaged in or understand the industry of our landscape lighting, we must know that the street lights are simple and simple, the style is nothing more than a fixed one or two, the price is relatively high At that time, the outdoor decorative lights landscape lights were a very unpopular product, and few people knew about it, but with the evolution of decorative lights over the years, whether it is from the brackets of the streetlights, the light source and the outer casing of the decorative lights themselves. In fact, its style can be described as ever-changing, so the street lamp decoration lamp has become one of the relatively popular products in the lighting industry in recent years, and the rise of decorative lights is due to the price, the price of street lamp decoration lamps in recent years. The downward adjustment is relatively large, from a few thousand yuan to a few hundred yuan now. It used to be hanging on the poles of large cities. Nowadays, the rural streetlight poles are also consumed, plus the festival celebrations to be celebrated every year, so the streetlight pole decoration The demand for lamps has greatly increased, so the reason for the sale of street lamp decoration lights can be imagined!

Decorative lights

Decorative lights

    In order to create a smart lighting system with energy saving and high efficiency, the use of MCU and dimmable driver for environmental sensing and high-efficiency dimming is a popular design trend in today's LED lighting systems. In addition, the simulation of optics and heat dissipation is also It is an indispensable development part to ensure the reliability and safety of decorative lighting products.

With the increasing popularity of decorative lights, applications are becoming more diverse, and the business opportunities of smart lighting systems are more and more expected by the industry. In order to create an LED intelligent lighting system, the introduction of the MCU can realize functions such as automatic brightness adjustment, automatic color conversion, environmental sensing, and group system control, enriching the application of LED lanterns and improving energy efficiency.

On the other hand, it is more important to verify the viability of the product through the simulation process of optics and heat dissipation. This will not only ensure product safety, but also accelerate the development of the product and enhance the market competitiveness during the simulation process. .