High-power LED motif light features

- Apr 13, 2018-

The manufacturer's excessive emphasis on the led motif light's skill functions does not regard the function and method of the product as an overall system object, resulting in the arbitrariness and blindness of the appearance of the product. Whether it is the imitation of traditional commodities or the borrowing of existing commodity methods, or the presentation of “naked lights” that abandon the outer shell, the manufacturer’s planning thinking that deals with single queries is usually reflected. A doubt will come up with new planning questions. For example, the led motif light is not suitable for heat dissipation, and the manufacturer will remove the outer shell and expose the heat sink directly. However, this kind of "naked light" is difficult to bear the long-term erosion of the harsh environment and increase the cost of late protection, on the other hand. The sharp, bare, heat-dissipating blocks expose the appearance of jerry-building and unsafe elements.