Grasp the future development trend of LED lighting technology

- May 25, 2018-

Grasp the future development trend of LED lighting technology, do the lighting industry benchmarking companies!


Due to its small size, light weight, low driving voltage, full color, long life, high efficiency, resistance to vibration, and easy control of light, it provides superior conditions for lighting systems designed for different locations and purposes. People are accustomed to seeing things under the sun. For general lighting, what people need is mainly light sources that are close to the mass of sunlight, so white LEDs are an important indicator of semiconductor lighting technology.

The service life of semiconductor lighting is widely recognized in the industry. The use of collocation can be freely designed according to different needs, and it also confirms the flexibility of LED use. In order to meet the large-scale, large-area lighting needs, multiple LEDs can be assembled together into a practical LED lighting system. With the continuous improvement of the level of production technology and the improvement of the industry, LED lamps will become the new overlord of the lighting industry.

     Semiconductor lighting system mainly has three major technologies: thermal management of the lighting system, secondary optical design of the lighting system, and color rendering