Good way to maintain led model lights

- Aug 15, 2018-

Good way to maintain led model lights

         1. Moisture proof is the key to lighting maintenance. It is especially the LED model lamp in the bathroom and bathhouse, and the kitchen headlights. It should be equipped with a moisture-proof lampshade to prevent moisture intrusion and prevent rust damage or short circuit.

         2, led modeling lights, do not use water to clean, as long as the dry rag with water to scrub, if you do not care to touch the water should be dried as much as possible, should not be wiped with a wet rag immediately after turning on the lights.

         3, usually led modeling lights can not be used in the circuit of dimming table lamp, delay switch, sensor switch.

         4, to prevent the use of high temperature and high humidity environment, LED lighting is usually used at an ambient temperature of 5 ~ 40 ° C.

         5, led styling inside the main power supply drive, advocate non-professionals do not self-loading assembly, to avoid the risk of electric shock.

         6, the metal parts of LED lighting can not be free to use chemical agents such as polishing powder, the dust on the back of LED lighting should be cleaned with dry cloth or tweezers.