Flashlight bicycle lights

- May 18, 2018-

Flashlight bicycle lights

Some riders use a flashlight to illuminate. Most of the flashlights are of the spotlight type, and will form a bright spot on the road ahead. Dim spots will be dark and the visibility of the road surface will be poor. There will be no cut-off line, and the opposite will look very dazzling, increasing the risk of traffic accidents. On the other hand, the flashlight and the handlebars have a low degree of sticking, which makes it easy to cause lighting jitters and even falling flashlights on bumpy roads, causing danger. Professional cyclists do not use flashlights. Qualified bicycle lights are their choice.

Germany is the country with the strictest regulations for riding equipment. The German Vehicle Authority KBA has specifically established the safety standards for bicycle lamps - StZVO clause, StVZO 22A NO.23[13] The most important of these are:

1. The lights must not have flashing

2. The headlights need to have a low battery indicator

3. Start the test after using the new battery for continuous light for one hour without any low battery warning

4 light source distance measuring point 10M

5. There must be a cut-off line, where the illuminance above the 0° horizontal line above 3.4° must not exceed 2 lux

6. The beam is evenly distributed, preventing the single spot beam from being too concentrated.