Financial subsidies to show the effect of China's LED market trends

- Jan 08, 2020-

Financial subsidies to show the effect of China's LED market trends

From the price point of view, outdoor lighting and tunnel lights, the average cost per watt has reached 11 yuan or so, compared to the average price of 15-18 yuan /W market has a significant reduction in the market. The opening price is lower than the market price, is the embodiment of the utility of direct financial subsidies. The cost of indoor lamps is pulled down to 7 yuan / W level, this value is close to ledinside prediction of indoor lighting market to start with the critical point, under the impetus of financial subsidies, the consumer to bear the price will further drop to 5 yuan / W, is expected there will be a relatively good market acceptance.

The short listed vendors offer relatively more rational, under the new rules of the tender, due to the current lighting manufacturers design standards of quality and light effect degree of homogeneity of the higher, and hence the power to become main factors that affect the quotation.


Successful companies is expected to help the financial subsidies to further open the market, through terminal market penetration to ascend for LED industry to open greater access to the sea, alleviate the current stage of the industry problem of excess. From the results of bid opening, because in the light efficiency and light source specifications and not too strict restrictions. Therefore, the common benefit of the Chinese market wafer and packaging manufacturers. Chinese manufacturers have the opportunity through a better price, enhance sales to get a larger share of the subsidy, and to promote the rapid development of China's industrial chain upstream.

After the bidding, the market price will be more standardized and transparent, will limit the number of lighting business all over the sky quotation and high business rebate behavior, and thus enhance the consumer's understanding of LED lamps and lanterns price level, increase the confidence of LED lighting products.