EL Wire neon light

- Feb 16, 2019-

EL Wire neon light

1. The flexible neon light emits even and delicate light, bright colors and rich colors. Stereo and perspective are strong in working and non-working conditions, and the appearance and illuminating color are highly uniform, and it is suitable for day and night observation. The light-emitting products have soft illumination, which will not cause irritation and glare to human or other animal vision, and will not adversely affect plant growth, especially suitable for human night vision observation. For example, it is made into a car door lighting line, and when the night door is opened, the edge of the whole door is colored and flashed, and the long-distance observation is clear and safe. It can be decorated and decorated on the surface of trees and grasses to create a beautifying night market effect.

 2. Flexible neon light are characterized by energy saving, environmental protection and health. The electroluminescence line has low power consumption and wide voltage range (3V-220V). It generates no heat radiation during operation and can save a lot of power energy in China. The current state of electroluminescence line is only used indoors and outdoors. The low-rise building decoration can save 15% of the nighttime decorative power consumption of the existing city. A large number of applications of electroluminescent lines can effectively reduce the ambient temperature of the city. The product does not cause any environmental pollution when used and discarded, especially to prevent extremely serious light pollution in large cities. Since the operating current is extremely small when the light-emitting line is used, there is no danger to the human body.

3. The flexible neon light has the characteristics of softness, foldable bending, free knotting, cutting, splicing, etc., without affecting the illuminating performance. Flexible neon lines are as soft as ordinary telephone lines, with a fold angle of more than 15 degrees, a bend of 360 degrees, and foldable knots. The length of the flexible neon line can be arbitrarily cut according to the actual needs, and the brightness and uniformity of the first and last rays will not change.

4. This product is a continuous light-emitting device with 360-degree full-angle multi-color illumination. It can be combined in monochrome or multi-color, and realizes various dynamic flicker according to circuit control and matching. The shape can be various, such as: square, round, semi-circular, edging, and the like. Single or multi-core combinations can also be implemented to enhance luminous intensity or multi-color flicker. It can be between 0.8 and 8 mm in diameter or larger.

5, flexible neon wire products can be directly used on the surface of decorative objects using transparent tape, glue, pins, wire nails, transparent plastic cards, etc. Applications such as: glass, window, furniture, doors and windows, walls, etc., are easy to use. It can also be sewn to the fabric, leather, clothing surface and edges with a hem.