EL backlight performance

- Mar 23, 2019-

EL backlight performance:

1. Low power consumption, easy to achieve illumination even when the voltage is very low, the power consumed is milliwatts, when the efficiency becomes a consideration, the electroluminescent sheet becomes an ideal choice.

2. Ultra-thin, the thinnest up to 0.2mm, can use the smallest possible space for illumination.

3. It can bend and illuminate to adapt to the shape of the product. It is more flexible and flexible than any light source product. It can be cut according to the requirements of customers' complex shapes. This brings favorable conditions for the application of this EL product. .

4. No heat, electroluminescent sheet is a kind of cold light source. There is basically no temperature rise during operation, and the working temperature is much lower than that of fluorescent lamps. Therefore, it completely avoids a series of problems (safety fires) that occur in connection with heat accumulation.

5. The light is even, soft and the luminous intensity is very high. The electroluminescent sheet is different from the traditional point or line illuminating mechanism, but a uniform whole surface illuminating body, even if the direct light does not flicker, it will not be glare, no It will cause tension and fatigue in the eyes. There is no damage to the human body at all, no radiation.

6. It has good shock resistance. Unlike other illuminating devices, it is not easy to be ineffective due to severe impact from the outside world and can be used in harsh environments.

7. Long life, EL life is measured by half-life (half-brightness), usually 3000-10000 hours, the important reasons affecting its life is voltage, frequency, temperature, humidity.