2018 LED Decorative Lighting Control Industry Development Overview

- Apr 25, 2018-

2018 LED Decorative Lighting Control Industry Development Overview

In the past 2017, for the LED lighting industry, some people thought that it was winter, closed roads, mergers and acquisitions tides, price wars ... ... indeed, in the overall environment of the economic downturn, for some companies is a very difficult year . 2016 LED lighting industry will go from here, recognize the market to seize the direction in order to win the future.

I. Overview of the Development of LED Decorative Lighting Control Industry in 20175

The lighting control industry in 2015 faced many challenges, and the global economic weakness was weak. The development of the domestic real estate industry has been hindered by economic development, which has combined with the demand for traditional architectural lighting. At present, companies in the world's major lighting fields have started to spin off traditional lighting single product business, shifting their focus to more profitable professional lighting market segments, such as Philips' sales of lighting devices business focused on medical and sanitary lighting; General Electric's smart lighting And automotive lighting is the main direction of development.

MarketsandMarkets, the world's second-largest market research and consulting company, recently released a market research report, pointing out that the smart lighting market presents tremendous growth potential in the next few years. By 2020, the total smart lighting market is expected to reach US$8.14 billion in 2015. The compound annual growth rate between 20% and 2020 is 22.07%.

The compound annual growth rate of smart lighting will redefine the lighting industry, provide energy savings, and increase the ease of use of auxiliary functions. The demand for intelligent lighting and intelligent lighting control is transforming from traditional lighting at an astonishing speed, which will further promote the development of intelligent lighting systems.

Second, the status of China's lighting market

Economic downturn export demand blocked

According to the report of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences at the end of September, the total domestic economic demand declined in the third quarter of 2015, and consumer demand was basically stable, but there was also downward pressure on imports and exports. The global economic growth slowed down and the economy of the developed countries recovered overall. Unstable.

The Chinese economy is decelerating and the downside risks are increasing. The downside risks facing the global economy are rising. Because of this, the idea of reliance on the replacement of infrastructure lighting facilities in various countries around the world, which has brought substantial benefits to the lighting industry, has been severely hit. Although the IMF expects that economic activity in developed economies is expected to pick up moderately in the next two years, the emerging economies are particularly affected by the global economy, which has led to slow progress in the LED retrofit of public lighting facilities.